When I met Steve over 5 years ago, I was expecting my first child. At the time, he suggested that I purchase both life and critical illness insurance. I was reluctant in going for the critical illness insurance as both my wife and I were young, healthy and had many competing demands for our cash. Fast forward 5 years later, my wife has been diagnosed with cancer, we now have three daughters and our expenses are well beyond what they were 5 years prior.

Steve has been an incredible help in organizing and guiding us through the process of claiming our Critical Illness funds. No one would ever expect that we would be facing this situation at 35 years old with three young children. My wife has to take off 6 months to a year of work, we need to hire help in the house and there are plenty of costs starting to pile up. In a time that is already filled with a great deal of stress, I am so thankful that Steve encouraged me to purchase this type of insurance. For the price of a couple decent restaurant meals per year, this insurance has provided us with the luxury of focusing on the MOST important factor in all of this…..my wife’s health. With a very positive prognosis, a lack of stress toward finances, and plenty of time to rest and take of herself, we are very hopeful for my wife’s long term health and full recovery. Thank you again to Steve Yermus. His advice has been invaluable and he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with personally and professionally.

Daniel S. , Toronto