Steven Yermus is an honest, knowledgeable, experienced advisor who listens to his clients’ needs and delivers quality products and services.

Steven rejects the notion of a conventional ‘sales pitch’.

Yup, that’s right.  He’s an insurance broker who hates the pitch.

So what does he have to offer?

Steven is more about solving problems and adding value through a personalized and customized advisory process.  He partners with his clients to address their unique needs, and only offers solutions that are tailor fit.

So, if you are:

  • Unable to work due to an accident or sickness
  • Seeking to add a sense of security to your family’s life
  • Trying to preserve your peace of mind in the face of precarious circumstances
  • Earmark funds for your future and your children’s future

You should give Steven a call.  He is happy to work with your team of advisors (lawyers, accountants, etc.) to help mitigate risks and plan for the future.

Steven also supports the interests of business partners who need to provide coverage in the event of unexpected death or disability.

Would the remaining partner want to become partners with the deceased partners spouse?  What skills will be missing if one partner becomes incapacitated?  What financial impact will that have on the business?

Often, a clean buyout is required under these circumstances and Life insurance funding for Death can provide peace of mind to business partners.