Life insurance isn’t taboo. It’s a creative tool
September 9, 2016
Life Insurance is still the solution, but believe it or NOT people still don’t know it!
August 16, 2017
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Life insurance helps the economy

Canadians receive more than $1.2 billion per week in benefits paid by life insurance companies, and more than 90% of payments go to living policyholders, says the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

But stories—not statistics—sell life and living-benefits insurance. Tell a story about how insurance protected you and your family, or talk about recent news stories and how insurance could have eased victims’ pain. You could be the only person standing between financial ruin or well-being for hundreds of households and businesses.

“Thirty years ago, people led pretty modest lives,” said Les Herr, CLHIA president, at a recent financial brokers’ summit in Toronto. “They didn’t have all the toys we have. So, financial devastation today due to premature death, disability or a critical illness is far greater.”

If you hear the objection “I don’t believe in life insurance,” ask clients if they’ve ever bought a lottery ticket or played in a sports pool. Get them to understand two important factors: when they buy insurance, they’re sharing risk and buying the possibility of a cash payout that is greater than what they contribute.

The only difference with life and living-benefits insurance is they are putting money down on a return that may be needed years later—whether it’s because of death, disability or a critical illness.

Since people in good health get the best rates for life and living-benefits insurance, always talk about this with clients and prospects.

Written by Helena Smeenk Pritchard