7 Reasons Why I Love Being an Insurance Broker

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March 12, 2012
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7 Reasons Why I Love Being an Insurance Broker

I love being an insurance broker.  I’m grateful to have a job that I enjoy and I hope that my clients sense my enthusiastic spirit.

Truth be told, insurance brokers take a lot of “kicks to the head” over time.  Relentless rejection is par for the course and constant deferrals from clients are pretty commonplace.

But at the end of the day, when people are struggling through utter desperation, it’s nice to know that you are the one person who can really help.

That feeling inspires my work each and every day.

But beyond that bigger picture motivation, there are many reasons why I love my job.  And I thought it might be helpful for my readers (or those contemplating a career in insurance) to understand those things.

So, here you have it – from the heart – the 7 reasons why I love being an insurance broker!

I help people find financial security

I don’t just sell insurance, folks!  I consult with my clients to help them protect their assets and secure their resources into the future. I bring them financial security, and that’s really gratifying.

I provide peace of mind

I help people sleep at night – literally and figuratively.  Knowing that they are protected against things they can’t control brings my clients enormous comfort.

I build meaningful relationships

I get to work with all kinds of people, different personalities, interests, backgrounds and jobs.  And I get to build meaningful relationships with them about things that matter.

I am a business owner

Even though I am affiliated with professional organizations and brokerages, I am a proud business owner.  I control my professional destiny and I chart my own course.  Amazing.

I share tender moments

I am honoured to share some of the most intimate and tender moments in people’s lives.  Sometimes, those circumstances are heart wrenching – other times they are filled with joy.  But no matter the context, I always feel privileged to play a role.

I work with experts

I network with industry leaders to provide my clients with the best possible services and products. I have access to some of the best expertise in the business, and that is very exciting.

I get to pursue my passion

I am passionate about my work. I believe staunchly in what I do. And I am grateful that I have a career that is inspired by a sense of passion and conviction.

Do you love your work? Have you considered a career in insurance? Do you have a broker who is passionate about their job?

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