The Lady Gaga Guide to Finding the Right Insurance Broker

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February 25, 2012
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The Lady Gaga Guide to Finding the Right Insurance Broker

Lady Gaga has a few things figured out.

In a fairly short amount of time, she has rallied the support of millions of people across the globe, stayed true to her convictions, and demonstrated that she has incredible talent.

No matter what you think about Lady Gaga, she sets a pretty good example in several respects.

And while it might seem like a stretch, I think that Lady Gaga has a lot to teach the world about choosing the right insurance broker.

It sounds crazy, right?  Indulge me for a moment…

Lady Gaga is authentic and transparent

If there is one thing about Lady Gaga it’s that what you see is what you get.  She is genuine and honest, and she doesn’t hide anything.  Now, admittedly, Gaga takes it a bit to the extreme, but I think there is a kernel of wisdom here.

You want an insurance broker that is honest and trustworthy.  The industry is plagued by a reputation of pretence and false impression.  You want to choose someone who keeps it real; someone, like Gaga, who is authentic!

Lady Gaga values her stakeholders and heralds their interests

She may refer to her fans as her ‘little monsters’, but Lady Gaga does so with the utmost of respect and love.  She really cares about her customers; she realizes that they butter her bread, and Lady Gaga goes above and beyond (as a celebrity) to make sure that she nurtures that dynamic.

People want an insurance broker that is in their corner!  Someone who prioritizes their needs and interests and delivers solid customer service.

Lady Gaga partners with people who matter

She’s cultivated some unexpected partnerships.  Lady Gaga recorded a duet with Tony Bennett.  She worked on a marketing initiative with Polaroid.  She even worked with Harvard (yes, the Harvard) to launch her Born This Way Foundation.

Lady Gaga knows how to leverage relationships constructively.

And so should your insurance broker.  You want to know that you are working with someone who is associated with the right organizations and institutions to provide you with the best possible products and services.  You want a broker who is well connected, well informed, and supported by a network of experienced professionals.

Lady Gaga delivers what she promises

Gaga doesn’t disappoint.  Hit after hit after hit, and her fans are always satisfied.  She is on the cutting edge; she takes chances and delivers quality consistently.  She gives it 100%, determined to provide her ‘little monsters’ with what she has promised.

And isn’t this precisely what you want from your insurance broker?  Don’t you want someone who delivers quality product and service?  Someone who makes you feel like you are #1 and that they are working tirelessly to satisfy your needs?

So the comparison isn’t altogether oblique.  Insurance brokers, along with their clients, should turn to Lady Gaga as an exemplary model that drives success!

What do you think?  Is this a stretch?  What have you learned from Lady Gaga?  What have you learned from your insurance broker :-)?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below and tweet this post if you found it helpful and interesting!